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Welcome to your favourite Concrete Contractors within North Vancouver. Allow us to bring you a well-deserved morning coffee & not the other way around! We love working within this reputable part of the city & meeting new people each & everyday. A welcoming hand-shake with a smile, & then a long-term business relationship takes off! Getting acquainted with our new partners is crucial for the success of his or her dream home.

Concrete Contractors

We pride ourselves on always keeping a clean, safe job-site. We have mini excavators and loaders for hard-to-reach areas, as well as the appropriate machinery and equipment to complete any job.

Concrete Stairs

We prep and pour all concrete from floors and slabs to structural stairs and architectural concrete work. Concrete patios and walkways as well! We offer acid wash finished, light architectural washes, sharp edges, and floating steps: everything and anything concrete. We also have excellent practices for concrete maintenance and tips for prolonged concrete quality along with our decorative expertise.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways North Vancouver

Concrete Floor

As North Vancouver’s concrete company we offer a wide variety of different decorative styles of concrete driveways and patterns, ranging from the most common Broom finish or Float finish to a low maintenance basic finish which can be any colour of your liking. Other styles of concrete driveways and patterns include acid staining, acid washing, an architectural sandblast concrete, and light architectural wash driveways to satisfy the modern contemporary look.

Classic Stamped concrete driveways with added color, and a high gloss sealer, or even a concrete driveway with decorative borders.

Modern smooth driveways with small gaps for rock or grass are very popular on the west coast.

When building borders Any style of finish or color combination can be used for the borders. We can also form your concrete driveway to have decorative curves that add that little bit of elegance to your driveway. Steep grades no problem ask about our vest finished for those concrete driveways

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Stairs North Vancouver

Concrete Stairs

Iron Trident has exceptional knowledge and expertise in constructing concrete stairs in a multitude of different styles making it much easier to build your dream property for your North Vancouver home. Our concrete contractors have years experience working alongside architects, engineers and designers which offers you a very wide variety of options for your concrete stairs.

Some styles of stairs include: Decorative concrete stairs such as exposed aggregate or stamped concrete stairs, contemporary concrete stairs, floating concrete steps for the ultra modern look with a smooth finish or a light sand blast. Try your concrete stairs with nosing and LED lighting We also offer circular concrete stair cases , and concrete stairs with landings To divide those long flights. These options are great ways to bring new life to your entrance. If you would like to see some examples, check out our Concrete Stairs page.

Architectural Concrete Walls North Vancouver

As North Vancouver concrete contractors we know and understand the importance of strong concrete walls as there are many steep grades throughout the city. Our first step on any project is to confirm that the blueprint grades will work with the onsite conditions, and confirming the property lines because you do not want to build past your property line or on a city right of way, many contractors overlook this basic step. Once we have confirmed the above we excavate and we can begin forming the architectural concrete walls. Typically, the most common of our walls is the paper face concrete wall. These are formed using new paper faced plywood, so there is no wood grain left behind on the wall, and with cam lock ties, leaving a decorative uniform pattern of holes in the wall.

Architectural Concrete Walls
Architectural Concrete Walls
A modern contemporary style of building a concrete wall is board form walls. This style consists of using wood boards that we often sandblast to reveal extra grains in the wood. When the boards are taken off it leaves a beautiful wood grain pattern in the wall. There are many options for thickness of wood and types of grain and intensity of grain for this style. We also offer lightly sandblasted concrete walls, and completely exposed aggregate concrete walls. All of the styles listed above also make exceptional planters for the front of your home, a great way to step a steep property and create usable space.​

Texture Stamped Concrete North Vancouver

When you really want to make your home stand out, and gain some ‘curb appeal’ texture stamped concrete is an obvious way to go. Stamped concrete is quite a bit different than most finishes, in that its colors can be much more vibrant and unique. The stamping gives the concrete a three dimensional type of feel, that can mimic different types of stone or other material. Stamped concrete is a great solution if you are looking to replace previous paving stones or brick. Not only does stamped concrete have a much higher structural integrity than paving stones and will not move, it also avoids the problem of having unwanted plant growth, but maintains a beautiful stone look.
Texture Stamped Concrete
Texture Stamped Concrete

Every stamped concrete project is finished with a thorough wash, and a high gloss sealer applied, ensuring excellent quality, durability, and life span. Our Texture stamped concrete is a unique process involving most often custom cutting patterns, using multiple colors and grouting the concrete for ultimate realism. Check out this stamped page to explain the process ( link to our project pages - stamped process)

Concrete Patios North Vancouver

Very much like our wide array of styles for our concrete driveways, we offer the same array for our concrete patios. Iron Trident’s concrete contractors will deliver the ultimate patio layout and design. Grade issues no problem we build multiple level patios and very affordable prices. We offer exposed aggregate concrete, light wash , stamped concrete and the very popular texture stamped concrete. Texture stamped concrete is smooth for tables and striking , making a welcome outdoor living space.. Often the patio is a space occupied frequently by guests or family members, so we offer some fancier finishes that are much less common than a broom finish. Our concrete contractors are highly skilled in making decorative concrete saw cuts, that can often be used to create borders between perhaps an exposed aggregate border, and a swirled float finish center. These saw cuts can also be used to separate different colors, like acid stained or washed borders.

Concrete Patios

Decorative Concrete contractors North Vancouver

Decorative Concrete contractors
When it comes to decorative concrete the options are almost endless, especially with the many years experience of Iron Tridents concrete contractors in the decorative concrete industry. Let us help you bring the outside of your home to life, creating a functional attractive hardscaped area.. There are many decorative styles. A colorful stamped look may be one option, or if you like more of a rocky look, exposed aggregate or a light sandblast may be the option for you. All of these styles can come in different colors or plain grey if color is not your thing.. If you like color there are many ways to have the concrete colored.
Most times the color is added before the concrete arrives on site. Another way would be to acid stain after the concrete has set ; this method is the process in which the top layer of the concrete is colored. Colors also look great with a float finish or smooth finish. In addition to a float or smooth finish, decorative concrete saw cuts could be used to create borders, separation between colors, and different styles of finish and even different shapes or designs. Decorative concrete is one of our specialties. We welcome any new project and look forward to the challenge each new project offers.
Decorative Concrete contractors

Concrete Walkways North Vancouver

Concrete Walkways

Decorative concrete walkways are a great option if you are looking to replace existing walkways/pathways around your house. Our expert concrete contractors can deliver creative, and unique layouts and designs for your new concrete walkway. You can choose from a simple broom finish, a contemporary smooth finish, exposed aggregate with multiple curves, stamped with borders and colors. You can choose a mix of the options listed above. If grade change is a factor, our concrete contractors can also construct risers to create concrete stairs if needed or desired. Bad access no problem our crew has the
proper equipment and knowledge to get your project completed on time and on budget in the sometimes tough conditions of North Shore terrain.

Exposed Aggregate North Vancouver

Exposed aggregate concrete has a highly durable surface for our rainy winter weather and is a great option for this specific climate.. Typical driveways or walkways show this damage much easier, whereas it is much less evident in exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate is different from the other styles of concrete finishes because the top layer of the concrete gets washed away during the finishing process, or sand blasted off, exposing the rock beneath. We always aim for the cleanest method of exposing aggregate, however it is sometimes not practical to wash, so then we must use the sandblast method, which can be quite messy.

Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate
Most times the color is added before the concrete arrives on site. Another way would be to acid stain after the concrete has set ; this method is the process in which the top layer of the concrete is colored. Colors also look great with a float finish or smooth finish. In addition to a float or smooth finish, decorative concrete saw cuts could be used to create borders, separation between colors, and different styles of finish and even different shapes or designs. Decorative concrete is one of our specialties. We welcome any new project and look forward to the challenge each new project offers.

Concrete Demolition Contractors North Vancouver

Concrete demolition contractors are prepared to take on any removal or demolition project. Our highly skilled machine operators use our demolition equipment to the highest efficiency in regards to safety, noise levels, productivity and cleanliness.

We can remove any existing wall, stairs, driveways or slabs and have trucks and trailers ready and available to haul any material to the proper recycling or waste facilities. We have machines of different sizes, so we can tackle all sorts of “hard to reach” spaces. Iron Trident is equipped for both commercial and residential demolition.

Hand chipping is not a problem!

Concrete Demolition Contractors

Excavation Contractors North Vancouver

North Vancouver Concrete Contractors
Iron Trident offers an arsenal of excavation equipment and highly experienced machine operators. We have machines larger in size for those projects requiring heavier duty excavation, and dump trucks and dump trailers prepared to haul away any excavation material. Iron Tridents excavation contractors are equipped to remove existing concrete, deep excavation for footings, retaining walls, dry wells and concrete piles. Having a few machines small enough in size to tackle smaller jobsites, and tough to access spots makes us prepared for any situation. We are also more than happy to take care of any back filling or final grading. We offer landscaping services as well please contact us today for a full list of services we offer.